Planters & Planting accessories


Trough installation makes for a simple solution to planting bamboo because it doesn’t require the work involved with an in ground install. You can simply place the troughs and let your plants flourish.

Handmade bamboo accent boxes

At Bamboo Oasis we have been making handmade planter boxes to house your beautiful bamboo plants. As you can see from the photos they can be made to fit into almost any space and can be decorated with bamboo cane accents or constructed with specialty woods for a more refined appearance, all at a reasonable price. Contact us for more information about how we design your beautiful planter boxes.

Plastic Root Barrier Material

Our plastic root barrier material is 26 inches wide with 40 mm thickness. The black barrier material is available for $3.00 per foot for less than 100 feet of material and $2.50 per foot for anything over 100 feet of material. This plastic root barrier (made from recycled plastic) is ideally dug 22-24 inches into the ground leaving a small amount above ground to ensure that your bamboo does not escape! Please see our installation guide for in the ground and hedge plantings for more information on how to use this barrier.

Cut Bamboo Canes

We offer a variety of pre cut bamboo canes in a variety if lengths and widths. Canes are sold in bundles of ten for normal canes and individually for larger timber canes. Please call for availability of timber bamboo canes.

503 703 1345

Special Bamboo Fertilizer

We offer a specially formulated bamboo fertilizer that has been developed by Will Weitzer at Bamboo Oasis. Our special mix of fertilizer is exactly what your plants need to give your bamboo increased leaf density and maximize the growth each year. Instructions for fertilizer use are included on the package.

Accent lighting for nighttime illumination

We are happy to announce that we can also install LED accent lighting for you bamboo plants so that you can enjoy their natural beauty at night as well. Contact us for more information about this service and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about how we install bamboo lighting.

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